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Comics 101 Mailbag

2012-05-25 - Mailbag

Comics 101 Is in Session

Andy P. writes: I just read today's mailbag and I couldn't disagree more with Bob S. and his opinion about the long-ish article on Ghost Rider.

One of the things that I enjoy the most about Wednesday's Comics 101 is the in-depth look that you bring to characters that may not ordinarily get all the good press. Sure - we all know about Batman, Superman and the X-Men but what about the B-list characters? You know, the ones that don't make it onto a Burger King glass? Heck, this week alone we revisited The Champions! How can someone not love that?

In my humble opinion, if your articles send even one kid to a back-issue bin for a look at what he has read in your column then you are doing all of us a great service by passing the stories onto the next generation. Isn't that what good mythology is all about?

You can place me firmly in the camp of those who appreciate the longer articles for your scholarship and informed viewpoint on the four-color heroes from our childhood.

Thank you for all you do and keep up the excellent work!

Tipton: Thank you, brother. Just what I wanted to hear.


Matt R. writes:
So for your mailbag (if you are still doing it) or just because you might know? I believe two Comic Cons ago Marvel made a big splash by buying the rights to Miracleman. The assumption was they would finally repruint them yet somehow either I missed it or they never did it. If I missed it just yell at me on here but if they never did anything with it please tell me what the hell is going on?

Tipton: Yeah, I still do the Mailbag when I get enough letters for an edition. The site traffic hasn't gone down; in fact it's larger than ever, but mail has slowed to a trickle. Things have stacked up now, so I’m going to try to get back to it.

Anyway, as for Miracleman, they did a reprint or two of the original Mick Anglo stuff as I recall, but collecting the Eclipse material and new material with the character still seems to be locked in limbo, and no one is saying why. I suspect there may have been more legal hurdles than they anticipated.


Alan K. writes: Sorry to pick your brain, just wanted to be sure of something: there are actual two different versions of the Elseworlds 80 page giant issue (see pic attached), one with the "banned" story and one without it, correct? Just wanted to be sure because I saw an amazing descrepancy in the prices of these when I looked to pick one up. Like $9 and then $300.

Tipton: If I remember correctly, they finally reprinted later without the offending Kyle Baker story.


Stephen S. writes:
I was just curious if you were ever gonna get back to ghost rider? Your post on 03/07 says you would talk about your favorite ghost rider appearance, but then you started talking about something else.

Tipton: Two reasons:

1) I got sidetracked with topical stuff, which is always nice because it's easier to write with my workload, and
2) I can't find the issue! Still looking for it.

I'll get back to it soon, though, I'm sure.


Clay E. writes: Just read your column about comics that should be collected - fantastic choices all. I don't know if you know this, but there is a Showcase volume of ALL-STAR SQUADRON coming out, which is admittedly no substitute for the full-color one we all really want, but hey, it's nice to have. Like you, I bemoan the lack of ROM and MICRONAUTS collections - it would be especially great if some sort of waiver could be arranged so that the collections could benefit Mantlo in some way. Other comics that cry out for collection are: Ostrander's SPECTRE (possibly *the* best use of this character *ever*), the rest of Ostrander's SUICIDE SQUAD, Dwayne McDuffie's DAMAGE CONTROL, and Kurt Busiek's all-too-brief run on DAREDEVIL (especially since this was basically the last time before Mark Waid's current run that Matt Murdock ever, y'know, *smiled*).

One last thing: I cannot BEGIN to tell you how stoked I am for your DOCTOR WHO/STAR TREK book. I was a little let down by the STAR TREK/LoSH mini, but my gods, I can't *wait* to read Matt Smith's Doctor meeting Captain Picard...!

Tipton: The Showcase is nice, but those All-Star issues need color.

Ostrander's Spectre was indeed a great run.

Thanks for the kind words. We're working our asses off on TREK/WHO over here.

Picture of the Week

Goodbye, Ernie. Thanks for all the comics.


See you next week.