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By Scott Tipton
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2014-12-17 - LISTENING TO MARK

I've written from time to time in these pages about my friendship with Marvel Comics writer and editor Mark Gruenwald, who encouraged me to work toward a career in comics before his far too untimely passing from a heart attack in 1996.

Thanks to Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics in Concord, California, we have this rare treat: an interview with Mark from the Wonderful World of Comics Convention in Oakland, California (back before the title was shortened to the much catchier "WonderCon") in 1988. I was at this show, just a kid with a backpack full of comics to get signed, taking the BART train back home with my Dad, explaining why the Super Powers Batmobile I'd bought for ten dollars was really a good deal (which it was).

Anyway, here's Mark, talking about the state of Marvel, the New Universe and Captain America in '88:

I don't have much more insight to bestow here, save for wondering how different the world of comics might look today if Mark hadn't left us so soon. I have no doubt it would be better, that's for sure.

Mostly, it was just good to see my friend again, and I wanted to share that with you.